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FAA ODA Offering Aviation Certification, Engineering & Manufacturing for over 25 Years

Delta Background

Delta supports the aviation industry with FAA ODA projects including aviation certification, engineering, design and manufacturing services, and has done so for over 25 years. These services have been in support of projects ranging from small single engine aircraft to commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 777 or the Airbus A340 and nearly all aircraft in between.

Delta Advantage

Through our ongoing investment in the aerospace industry Delta has the following FAA authorizations, ODA, CRS, PMA, PC, DER, DAR, Part 145 Repair Station, Minor Change approval, No-PNL approval & deviation support. Delta has these authorizations so that we can help our customers be compliant with the FAA’s regulations and support on time deliveries. Delta has the ability to ship parts to an aircraft modification and the parts be classified as airworthy upon issuance of the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).  Our work with VIP interiors and specialized mission aircraft shows the range of our work, making Delta a convenient one-stop shop that offers solutions for many different types of work for owners, charter operators, regional airlines, and others who need quality work done right.
One of Delta’ strongest attributes has been its close working relationship with various FAA offices. This has proven very beneficial in the certification process and has enabled us stay a tuned with current FAA policy. Delta has obtained over 650 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), and our experience and abilities continue to grow. Via our various capabilities of our FAA ODA, Delta has obtained or has helped other companies obtain FAA certification for aircraft modifications and parts manufacturing.

Delta Capabilities

Delta Engineering has obtained FAA STC for a range of avionics related projects including Digital Autopilots, ADS-B, Electronic Flight Instrumentation, EGPWS, Flight Data Acquisition, Comm/Nav suites, In-Flight Entertainment Systems, cabin interiors, large antenna’s (including radomes) along with many other systems.
Besides the FAA in the US and EASA in Eurpoe, Delta has also obtained many foreign approvals and validations from Japan (JCAB), Singapore (CAAS), Europe Union (EASA), Hong Kong (HKCAD), Canada (TCCA), among many others.
Delta has also provided aviation installation engineering/design and has manufactured the kits and parts for various aircraft modifications. Delta can reduce risk on prototype projects via in-house design teams and manufacturing capabilities such as four axis CNC milling machines, rapid prototyping, in-house testing, in-house software capabilities such as FEMAP, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FMEA & qualified chemical conversion processes and powder coating.
Delta has the capability to design, engineer and build aviation electronics (avionics) for specialized requirements such as data acquisition systems. Delta also has ability to build specialized test equipment such as our Load Simulators used for In-Seat Power Supply System testing.

Trusted Partners

In the aviation industry, who you work with is almost as important as what you do.  We have great working relationships with the certifying agencies (FAA, EASA, JCAB, CAAS, HKCAD, TCCA etc.) and with many industry partners (Panasonic, EDMO, and others.)  These relationships ensure that we get the best collaborative solutions to every problem.