Common Acronyms & Abbreviations

Aircraft Certification Office

Automatic Direction Finder

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

Autonomous Distress Tracking

Alternative Method of Compliance

National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil



Civil Aviation Authority

Civil Aviation Administration of China

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Computer Aided Drafting

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computer Numeric Control (Automated Machinery)

Cockpit Voice Recorder

Designated Airworthiness Representative

Designated Engineering Representative

Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit

RTCA Document 160

Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

Damage Tolerance Analysis

European Aviation Safety Agency

Electronic Flight Bag

Electronic Flight Data Interface

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

Electrical Load Analysis

Emergency Location Transmitter

Electrical Wiring Interconnect System

Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedure

Federal Aviation Administration

Future Air Navigation System

Flight Data Recorder

Finite Element Analysis

Fault Hazard Analysis

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

Fire Protection Analysis

Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department

Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

In-Flight Connectivity

In-Flight Entertainment

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau

Layout of Passenger Accomodations

Multi-Function Control Display Unit

No Project Notification Letter (Project Type)

Organization Designation Authorization

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Production Certificate

Power Distribution Unit

Parts Manufacturer Approval

Project Notification Letter

Proximity Sensor Electrical Unit

Quick Access Recorder

(Article) Qualification

Request for Conformity

Right-to-Use (License)

System Safety Assessment

Supplemental Type Certificate

Type Certificate

Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System

Transport Canada Civil Aviation

Transmitting-Portable Electronic Device

Technical Standard Order

Unit Member

Video Control Center

Very High Frequency (Radio)

Very Important Person (Specialized Completions)

Wireless Access Point

Weather Radar

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