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Mission Aircraft Alterations

Power Distribution Unit

Under our ODA, Delta Engineering has completed several mission aircraft alterations, including a KingAir with cameras and retracting sensor units.  Delta Engineering has also manufactured several units for this mission aircraft including the Power Distribution Unit using our FAA Production Certificate (PC).

The image to the left shows the PDU designed, engineered and manufactured by Delta Engineering.

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FAA Flight Testing

Delta Engineering was involved in the flight testing of a specialty aircraft prototype project for FAA certification in a platform that had never been utilized before to gain STC. The uniqueness of the features for the modifications to the aircraft and it’s structure were so novel, that successful flight testing of an experimental prototype set the bar for the industry for safety and efficiency in the engineering certification aviation world.

See the video for the maiden flight of the test aircraft.

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Other Projects

Delta Engineering has been involved in a range of other projects, including: