Delta has worked in conjunction with navAero and DECA Aviation Engineering to obtain an FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the installation of the navAero tablet Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system provisions on the Bombardier DHC-8-400 series aircraft.
This FAA STC allows for the installation of Class 2 Tablet EFB provisions within the flight deck of the DHC-8-400 (Q400). These provisions include a cockpit tablet mount with Power/Data Interface (PDI). The PDI connects the EFB to aircraft data including ARINC 429/717 as well as various aircraft discretes. Further, the navAero EFB includes the  Universal Aircraft Interface Device (UAID) which promotes WiFi and cellular connectivity.
Simone Giordano, VP of sales at navAero, provided a statement to Avionics International:
“This achievement shows that our Class 2 Tablet EFB System meets all the regulatory requirements to be a highly integrated part of a modern airline, providing end-to-end connectivity from aircraft to operations. navAero has taken this design approach for tablet EFB deployments and has commercialized derivations to accommodate iPad devices as well as various types of Windows/Andriod-OS tablet devices.”
For more information regarding various EFB installation or certifications via Delta Engineering’s FAA ODA, contact us.